Holiday Fashion Series

Posted on Nov 15, 2016 in Blog

Hey guys, Sarah Baeumler here again. I hope that you are enjoying the new TV series, Bryan Inc., as much as we are enjoying filming it. If you haven’t seen it yet, it airs on HGTV Canada at 10pm EST. Also, don’t forget to read more pieces on fashion, design, family and lifestyle on my blog,

So, I am back again to share some more ideas on fashion for my favourite time of the year with Scottsdale Centre customers. The holiday season is often associated with charm and elegance, and presents an opportunity to dress up or dress down any outfit. It is an ideal time to experiment with the pairing of old and new trends. From home décor to holiday party attire, a shimmery finish and a little sparkle always help to achieve the desired holiday look.

 Off the shoulder: An off-the-shoulder top is often associated with the summer months, however it can be a great transition piece into the holiday season. I am automatically drawn to darker, richer colours as the winter approaches, as well as a shift from lightweight fabrics to more suedes and silks for a warmer feel. These fabrics tend to play up a dressier side, which compliment a bold heel or boot depending on the occasion. The best part about the off-the-shoulder tops is they often suit every body type, remaining a subtle yet feminine winter necessity.

Metal accents:  Metal accents add depth to an outfit, especially in the fall and winter months where the hues of the wardrobe tend to be more neutral and dark. Gold is one of my favourite accent colours and whether it’s in the home or accessorizing an outfit, it adds an element of class that is easy on the eyes. I love gold jewelry year round, but there is something to be said for a pair of gold earrings and chic black boots with a pop of gold that dramatically upgrades the look.sarah2

Turtlenecks: This is a trend that sparks the fashion world every fall and winter. Year after year, turtleneck styles remain a staple in my wardrobe and continue to make an appearance from high fashion to street style. The sleek, simple elegance of a turtleneck can easily re-invent an outfit as a stand-alone top or a base for layering. Finding a comfortable, simple turtleneck is a foundation investment piece for the winter season. I love pairing a simple black turtle neck with relaxed jeans and a fitted leather jacket for a casual look, and having the option of dressing the outfit up or down with a scarf or jewelry.

As we approach the end of the year, it is important to reflect and embrace all that we have accomplished over the past twelve months.  Fashion is a great outlet for self reflection; finding trends and styles that work for you as an individual will help you exude that confidence and glow.  Whether it’s incorporating more variety of fabrics and colours into your wardrobe to feed into your creativity, or experimenting with layering – starting with a cozy turtleneck, your holiday wardrobe will take on a whole new sense of innovation.  Let metal accents and accessories inspire you to be bold this holiday.